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  • From: Rick Boza <rickb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 23:29:11 -0500

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On 12/8/04 10:09 PM, "Mike French" <mikef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here is a question from a client of mine:
> Exchange 2003 Enterprise on Windows 2000 Server. Point to point T-1¹s between
> the two sites in question.
> If I have Exchange server A in Dallas, and Exchange server B in Montana, user
> mailboxes would normally reside on only one server, correct? If I lost server
> A to a flood, it's users are SOL, correct? Can server A's mailboxes be
> replicated on server B to avoid that situation, or would that be considered
> setting up a cluster. I guess I'm trying to accomplish mailboxes in two
> locations for redundancy. Any thoughts?
> <Rick> You can do this, but the expense is usually quite high.  If the data is
> valuable enough, and Exchange is mission critical enough, and the company is
> profitable enough, then a geocluster is absolutely doable, but they are pretty
> rare due to the bandwidth costs associated with them.  Most of my past clients
> that were interested in this idea balked when a discussion of the associated
> financial commitments.
> How about this one?
> If I create a public folder for a project, so that all users can store their
> correspondence in that folder for collaboration, can I keep the 'data' for
> that project on a file server and somehow 'link' the two? I'd rather not store
> GB's of data in an Exchange store. Is this a crazy question?
> <Rick> You wouldn¹t have a PF that points to a share, but you could have a
> post to a PF that has a link to a share within the post.
> But why do that, when you could use something nifty like Windows SharePoint
> Services for collaboration?  Much better solution in my opinion.  Of course it
> depends on exactly what they want to accomplish, but WSS is a nifty and even
> free download (well, free if you have Win2K3 and SQL, or if you can squeeze
> the data into the limits enforced by MSDE).
> Can the list help be answer this one???
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