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Size of the SG is not so important for daily activities.  The exception to
that of course is your acceptable maintenance and restore time windows. The
larger the data to be maintained/restored, the longer it typically will
take.  Performance eventually can be a concern if you have too large a data

Often, putting all of the db's in the same SG is not a problem and is in
fact recommended behavior.  Times when you might want to separate SG's arise
when you want to perform backups or restores in parallel.  You may also want
to consider an alternate SG if your log files are getting out of hand or
becoming a performance bottleneck.

Disadvantages?  Each SG requires overhead that may not be needed such as
additional log files (sequential I/O type so it's typically considered a
best practice to keep them separate from the other I/O types and from each
other depending on the hardware type you have for a disk subsystem NOTE:
some newer subsystems can handle multiple sequential I/O streams on the same
group of spindles just fine but it's not without a price :)  Each SG also
requires server resources to mount and maintain, so if you can avoid it it's
best to do so.

That's off the top of my head anyway.  Hope that helps.


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Here's my situation.  I have an Exchange 2000 Cluster with a 70GB SG.
Is it recommended to split this into multiple SG's, or it wouldn't make a
difference.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of having multiple

Devon Harding
System Administrator
Gilat Latin America

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