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I run a 300 mailbox e2k server on a 1gHz Celeron with three drives and a
1gb of memory. Works fine.

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Hi All,

I am the network manager for a secondary school in England (11-18 year 

Our current mail system (not Exchange) has gone end-of-life and I am 
looking at Exchange 2003 as a replacement.

We need to support 100 users on Outlook 2003 on laptops - the staff- 
and a further 1200 students using Outlook Web Access. The usage by 
students is relatively light with peaks at the start of the day and at 
lunch and the end of school. All internal communications are carried 
out by email so the staff are somewhat heavier users. We intend to use 
the calendaring features of Exchange for which I have no estimate of 
usage as this is a feature we don't have at the moment.

I have tried using processor and disk usage stats from the present 
system in the "size your server" formulae on the Microsoft Exchange 
website and it doesn't look good for the current mail server.

Budgets are tight (what's new) therefore the server hardware I am 
thinking of would be of the order of twin 2.8GHz Xeon processors, 2GB 
RAM and three 36GB 15,000 RPM drives.

I can honestly say I have no idea whether this will be up to the job so 
could one of you good people cast your experienced eyes over this and 
either congratulate me on an inspired guess or laugh and point! :-)

Many thanks for your time.

Matt Robbins
Network Manager
Brooke Weston City Technology College
P: 01536 396366 F: 01536 396867

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