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I believe what you are talking about is moving the location of the databases 
(Mailbox and Public folder stores)  and probably transaction logs as well. You 
will need to change the location via MailBox Store properties - Database tab 
and browse to a new location. So if your current location is say C:\Program 
Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv.edb, you could move to 
There was also a couple of postings related to this recently including why you 
should keep transaction logs on a different hard disk device if performance is 
of critical importance.
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Hi Guys,
I have a problem whereby the M:\ (Exchange Virtual Drive) is based on my C:\ 
I would like to move this directly unto the D:\ instead using the same 
structure C:\ took.
Is there anyway of doing this?  I would really appreciate any assistance given, 
this is urgent, running out of C:\ hard drive space.
With Kind Regards,
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