Moving Exchange 2000

  • From: <paul_lemonidis@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 19:41:04 -0000

Hi All

I think I know the answer to this but would just like confirmation please. I 
have been asked to rename our single AD domain. We are running Exchange 2000 
also and the Organisation name will need changing. Am I correct in saying that 
the only answer is to build a brand new Domain Forest and reinstall Exchange 
2000 and then recreate all the users with new accounts and then move over all 
the other servers and workstations. I won't even mention all the security and 
applications that will most probably break or the desktop fun that will ensue. 

I am pretty certain Microsoft do not support this with Windows 2000 and even 
with 2003 it won't work if Exchange 2000 is installed. I was just wondering if 
there were any third party tools that may help. I strongly suspect not but 
thought I would just ask in case I am mistaken or anyone has any better ideas.

I even had the utterly wild thought of creating a new tree in the same forest 
and then deleting the trusts but I don't see how that would help really as when 
I install Exchange on the new Domain it will look for the existing box as AD 
would still be aware of it and I can't see how that would get around having the 
wrong Organisation name either. In fact I could see the whole remaining AD 
structure on the new Domain being a complete mess. Please feel free to correct 
me if I mistaken or have missed something.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks in advance.


Paul Lemonidis.

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