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At the exchange system manager you'll find the Recipient Update
Services. After installing the second server and moving all the
mailboxes to the new one using AD Users and Computers, you'll have to
configure the Update services to point the clients to the new server.
You may disable the exchange services on the initial server after all
the clients (i.e. Outlook) have been restarted at least once and the
users profiles have been updated according to the settings you've
changed at the Update Services properties window. We've made this
transition following an article found on the MS website, though I
couldn't find which one. However, we didn't have any problems during the
transition. We made it during off-time of course.
Regarding the IP addresses, there shouldn't be any considerations. Just
make sure the clients are able to ping it by it's name. That's all.
We made this transition to move from a single server, which was also a
DC as well, to the Exchange cluster server configured active-passive and
the move was swift.
I cannot help you about the ISA server issue, since I am not familiar
with that one. Hope this helps...


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i have a single E2k server, its installed on a one of the DC . i want to
remove this machine from the network and install E2k on a new machine
and want this new machine to be a Member server ( i have other DC's on
the network in the same site). I dont want to loose any e-mails of the

i have gone thrro some of the old messages here. i found 2 methods which
are feasable.

1) very well explained in;en-us;q297289. its

2) install a another E2K server and move all the mailboxes to new
server. and remove the old machine.

My question is:

- does the 2 method redirect the clients automatically to the new
machine ?

- is there any article in MS Knowledgebase about the 2 method ?

- what IP addresse should be assigned to the new machine in both the
cases ?

- As My exchange server is published by ISA server. I would like to know
which is the best method to follow without disturbing the Publishing of
E2K through ISA.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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