Re: Moving E2K to a new hardware

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The FSMO roles  ( Flexible Single Master Operation) roles are descibed in;en-us;Q197132

The process of moving them between domain controllers is shown in;en-us;Q255690


I have always used the first method in the past and had no problems.

Only transfer the roles when all DC's are online and leave a few hours after
transfering the roles for everything to sync before using dcpromo to remove
a domain controller. That will allow everything to sync up properly.

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    You can move AD to a new server by installing a new server and promoting
it to a DC. What you then must do is move the FMSO roles from the old server
to the new server before you dcpromo the old server out of the domain this
will work. If you don't move the FMSO roles before removing the original
server you will never be able to install exchange as it won't be able to
contact the Schema Master.

  What is the FMSO roles ? What does it stand for and how can I move them ?
  Also,I am replacing the old server with a new one with different hardware.

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