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If you have time to sped after work hour : make backups of priv, pub,
dir.edb and logs.
Shut down the old exchange.
Install NT, Exchange on the new machine (be careful, the Exchange
configuration must be exactly the same - means organization name, site name,
IP and so on).
Replace the "new" priv, pub, dir.edb and logs with the old files (from
Start Exchange services, IS doesn't start at the first attempt, run
"isinsteg - patch " (all services must be started, except IS).  
Or if you don't want to stay after work hour, you can install a second
Exchange server (on the new server) and put it in the same site like the old
one, after that, you can move all mailboxes, public folders to the new
server and when you will be shore that you moved all, shut down the old
server. Of course, the new server will have different name that the old but
will be the same site.
Please feel free and ask me if you have further questions.

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I have to move my Exchange Server 5.5 which resides on an NT 4.0 machine
to a new server also running NT 4.o and exchange 5.5.  I have researched
many different ways to do this but I still don't feel comfortable until I
have a definate successful plan.  Any suggestions will be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you.

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