[ExchangeList] Move mailbox to other Admin Group - Problem opening other users Calendars

  • From: victor-w@xxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2006 21:44:56 +0200

This is the situation:

An Exhange organisation which exists of 2 Administrative Groups

Administrative group A contains 2 Exchange 2000 servers, server A & B
Administrative group B contains 2 Exchange 2003 servers, server C & D

I will only talk about server B and D because I am now in the process 
of removing server B from the organisation and moving all the Exchange 
components from that server over to server D.

I have moved all the mailboxes from server B to server D, I also moved 
all public folder replica's from server B to server D. So far so good. 
I also followed the kb article which says "how the remove the first 
Exchange server", even though this is not the first Exchange server. I 
did that just to be sure I wasnt forgetting anything.

As I said server B will be removed. Before uninstalling Exchange I 
wanted to be sure that there were no components residing on the server 
that were still necessary in order for Exchange...and our users :-) to 
keep on working without problems. In order to check this I stopped the 
Exchange services on server B.

My problem now is this. Some users have delegated permission to their 
calendars to other users. This are all users on the same server, so 
there is nobody that delegated permissions to somebody on another 
server. The users that have delegates or that have delegated rights 
are all on server D and were before on server B.

When people are now trying to open the calendar of another person for 
which they first (before the mailbox move) had beeb delegated access 
this no longer works, except if I restart the Exchange services on the 
old server (server B). 

Users are not using shortcuts to that calendar but are really trying 
it by clicking "File>Open>Other Users Folder>Calender" from within 

If I stop the Exchange services on server B, and they are trying to 
open another users calendar, they get an error. If I then start the 
services on server B, they are able to open that other users calendar. 
Remember that they are no mailboxes left on server B.

Has anybody have any idea what's going on here?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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