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I'm not sure I understand the question as you cannot modify the GAL directly.  
The GAL is a representation of exchange objects.  You can create / delete / 
modify exchange objects which in turn update the GAL.

Here's a script which creates a mailbox object.  This is in vbscript.

' start of script

        ' variables which need to be initialized with user informtion
        'sLogon = this is the NTDS / AD object name
        'sFName = First name
        'sLName = Last name

        ' the following strings need to be modified for your site
        sNTDom = "NT_DOMAIN"
        sSite = "EXCHANGE_SITE"

        sMTA = "cn=Microsoft MTA,cn=" & sMSXServer & 
",cn=Servers,cn=Configuration,ou=" & sSite & ",o=" & sNTDom
        sMDB = "cn=Microsoft Private MDB,cn=" & sMSXServer & 
",cn=Servers,cn=Configuration,ou=" & sSite & ",o=" & sNTDom
        sADsPath = "LDAP://"; & sMSXServer & "/cn=Recipients,OU=" & sSite & 
",O=" & sNTDom

        Set oCont = GetObject(sADsPath)

        'Create a new MailBox
        Set oMailbox = oCont.Create("organizationalPerson", "cn=" & sLogon)
        oMailbox.Put "mailPreferenceOption", 0

        ' I believe this is the set of "mandatory" fields for a mailbox
        oMailbox.Put "cn", sLName & ", " & sFName                               
'Display Name
        oMailbox.Put "uid", sLogon
        oMailbox.Put "Home-MTA", sMTA
        oMailbox.Put "Home-MDB", sMDB
        oMailbox.Put "MAPI-Recipient", True
        oMailbox.Put "mail", sEmail
        oMailbox.Put "rfc822Mailbox", sEmail

        ' These are "optional"
        oMailbox.Put "givenName", sFName
        oMailbox.Put "sn", sLName
        ' Associate the mailbox to the NT account
        ' (ADSSecurity.dll is required)
        const ADS_SID_HEXSTRING         = 1
        const ADS_SID_WINNT_PATH        = 5

        Set oSID = CreateObject("ADsSID")
        oSID.SetAs ADS_SID_WINNT_PATH, "WinNT://" & sNTDom & "/" & sLogon & 
        oMailbox.Put "Assoc-NT-Account", sSIDHex

        ' assign other email addresses
        Const ADS_PROPERTY_APPEND                               = 3

        Redim aMailProxies(1)
        ' using an array allows you to add multiple secondary addresses for 
SMTP or other connectors
        ' you will need to modify the X400 for your site
        aMailProxies(0) = "X400:c=US;a= ;p=ORG;o=US;s=" & sLogon& ";"
        aMailProxies(1) = "smtp:" & sFName & "." & sLName & ""

        ' use "()" for the array
        oMailbox.putEX ADS_PROPERTY_APPEND, "Proxy-Addresses", (aMailProxies)

        ' set mailbox security
        Const ADS_ACETYPE_ACCESS_ALLOWED                        = 0
        Const ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MAIL_RECEIVE_AS            = &H10
        Const ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MAIL_SEND_AS                       = &H8
        Const ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MODIFY_USER_ATT            = &H2

        Set oACE = CreateObject("AccessControlEntry")
        Set oSec = CreateObject("ADsSecurity")
        Set oSD = oSec.GetSecurityDescriptor(oMailbox.ADsPath)
        Set oDACL = oSD.DiscretionaryAcl

        oACE.Trustee = sNTDom & "\" & sLogon
        oDACL.AddAce oACE
        oSD.DiscretionaryAcl = oDACL
        oSec.SetSecurityDescriptor oSD

' end of script

I think I've included everything needed.

Ron Hite
Network Administrator
Bell, Boyd & Lloyd LLC
t - 312-558-6285
f - 312-827-8023

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Has anyone worked on modifying(ADD/DELETE/update) GAL using ADSI APIs?
I am sure that we can modify GAL using ADSI but anybody knows if we can add
or delete an address into it too.
If anybody has any script/code on this they are welcome if they want to
share it.

all suggestions are welcome.


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