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Thnaks for your reply. 
We are on Exchange 5.5
Here we were doing little feasibility study before starting a project on
Exchange server which is about modifying(add/delete/update/view) GAL. So we
want to be sure that there are some APIs to do that. But there are some more
questions here. We will appriciate it very much if you can answer those.

1. Can we also add and delete addresses from GAL using ADSI?
1. Is there any other APIs then ADSI to do that? 
2. Can we do it using CDO? 
3 What kind of permission is required to modify GAL?
4. Can we update all the fields/attributes in GAL?

If you can share your code that would be great.

I appriciate all your help.

Thank you very much.

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What version of Exchange are you trying to use?  Both versions can be
modified programmatically, just different access points.  Both use ADSI, but
have slightly different calls.  Exchange 5.5 objects are modified by
connecting to the E5.5 directory while E2k objects are modified by
connecting to Active Directory.

There are various sources for code samples and documentation. (browse library tree or search for exchange or
ADSI) (also has a mail list)

Hope this helps.  I have some code (vbscript), depending on your needs that
I'd be happy to share.  I'm by no means an expert at coding/programming, but
I might be able to answer some questions.

Ron Hite
Network Administrator
Bell, Boyd & Lloyd LLC
t - 312-558-6285
f - 312-827-8023

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From: Bansal, Mani (Contractor) [mailto:BansalM@xxxxxx]
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Subject: [exchangelist] Modify GAL

Does anybody know if entries in GAL can be modified(add/update/delete)
programmatically(using some APIs) if required ACL is provided?

Thanks in advance.
Mani Bansal

Mani Bansal
Johns Manville
717, 17th Street,
Denver, CO - 80202

Voice : office - 303-978-2778
         Res - 303-399-7110
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