Migration of exchange 5.5 to exchange 2000.

  • From: rjain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 12:20:00 -0600

Yesterday I asked the migration of exchange 5.5 to exchange 2000 on server
2003.Thanks for the answers. Now I have a different scenario i have to
implement. I think it should be easy but i need to know how to implement
and If some one has the document on it.
My this customer has 5 servers. 2 are domain controllers on windows 2K.One
exchange5.5 on NT 4.0,another member server with windows 2000 on which
exchange 2K will be installed.There is another server which has sql
Now we have to migrate the exchange 5.5 to exchagne 2K. I thought it would
be simple as i was trying previously.Previously I was migrating the uusers
and exchange mailbox on the same domain controller. Now They already have
he users ON DC. Only i have to migrate the exchange on the member
server.What will be process ? WHere i need to install the Active directory
connector? Or do i really need the ADC? Do I need ADMT now ? BEcause users
are already part of Active directory.?

Please reply me at the earleist. ihave to do it by tommorow.

Thanks for the help.

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