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  • Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 10:19:24 +0800

My present company (Company A in Singapore)

We are still in Windows NT 4.0 domain. Our Exchange 5.5 mail server is
sitting on a Win2000 member server (reason being ..we need bigger Hard Disk
storage space which Windows NT 4.0 can't support). We have about 150 NT and
mailbox users.

Company B (in London)

Windows 2000 AD domain in native-mode. The AD forest root domain is
"ad.company.com". The Exchange 2003 mail server is sitting on a Win2000

As the Company A has been merged with Company B, we need to perform the
following :
We need to migrate to Windows 2000 AD domain (in mixed-mode initially till
all old NT 4.0 server migrated to Win2K). All our servers hardware are old
and we need to buy new servers hardware.

We will be a Singapore new regional child domain, joining company B's
existing domain tree of "ad.company.com". Our child domain name is
We will configure our DNS as a secondary copy of the forest root _msdcs zone
from the forest root domain. 
For reasons of autonomy, it was decided that Company A will each have their
own domain. This also removes the reliance on one another, and allows
Company A to administer their own domain.
We want the new mail server to be Exchange 2003 running on Win2000 server,
with AD connector installed so that both the Singapore new mail server and
old Exchange 5.5 mail server can see each other in Address Book.  This will
allow us to slowly migrate the mailbox user from old server to new server.
We also want both the SG new and old mail server to be able to see Company
B's mail user in Address Book and vice-versa.
Please advise on what is the best way of doing this migrations. Thanks.

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