RE: Migration - Exchange 5.5/2000, Netscape mail, Postfix/Qpopper => Exchange 2003

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  • Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 09:01:36 -0500

More details please.

What are your requirements from a client perspective?  If you have qpopper,
what do you need to migrate from that exactly?  It's pop3 and the data is at
least on the client side.  Need to know your requirements for the migration
and once it's complete.  What's your condition of success?

Netscape - same thing.  What's your condition of success for this one?  Are
clients IMAP, POP, ? What needs to happen during and after the migration to
make it successful?

As for the migration of 5.5 to 200x: What's the conditions of success for
this (see the pattern? :) ?)  There are some advantages to using the
migration components vs. exmerge such as addressing for replying to existing
emails.  You get an X.500 like address in the directory for the account
allowing you to reply to existing internal email if you use the migration
components but have to manually figure it out if you use exmerge.  Single
instance doesn't come with exmerge either, but you have a chance of getting
some with the migration components.



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Dear all,
   Now I am in a migration project, were migrating the existing messaging
system to a new exchange 2003 environment.

New Environment: 
        New Exchange 2003 organization
Existing Environment:
        Exchange 5.5 organization
        Exchange 2000 organization
        Netscape mail 4.5 / Netscape directory 4.16.
        Postfix/qpopper - Red hat Linux 6.2     

We plan use migration wizard to move the Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000 to
Exchange 2003. In lab setup its successful and we plan to proceed in same

We hope for Netscape mail 4.5 also we can use same migration wizard. This
Netscape is running in Solaris environment. So we could not test it in lab.

Now my requirements are 
        1. If any one worked in this Netscape messaging system
        2. Can we use Exchange Migration wizard - if it will work
        3. Any idea of migrating from Qpopper to Exchange 2003 - 
                Tools & materials.
        4. your idea on using migration wizard for Exchange 5.5/2000 to 
                Exchange 2003 - if it's better or can I go for ex-merge.

Note : total users of 3500+ were in Netscape and qpopper only of 200+ users.

Your valuable ideas, experience on this is most wanted for an effective

Thanks in advance for your upcoming views and comments.

Manickam Annamalai,
Engineer - Networking
Satyam Computer Services-chennai 
Office   : (044)24353221,Ex:3112 
Web Site :
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