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Yes this is possible. Is your Ex 2003 server already attached to a
shared SAN? If not you will need to go through all the process of
installing your HBA cards\drivers, MPIO software, create your
volumes\raid using your vendors Array utility, configure your basic
cluster config, then add your resources ie. Shared disks, Exchange
resources then you would move your mailbox from local volume to your
shared volume. Something to this affect. 



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Dear Sir, 

I have a customer want to migrate email server from Exchange 2000 to
Exchange 2003 on clustering Windows 2003, but IT guys there installed
Exchange 2003 on one of new Windows 2003 Server and moves all mailboxes
and public folders from old server to the new one before implementing
clustering. So is there any way to implement clustering without
uninstall Exchange 2003 server on the new server or moving back all
mailboxes and public folders (more than 75 GB). Could you please help me


Best Regards,



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