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Even better and more secure:
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        There are some good whitepapers here:
        We use Sonicwalls at many of our Home Transcriptionist and Dr.s
offices.  They work fairly well and are a piece of cake to setup.  We
also use a Cisco VPN concentrator as well as a Neoteris CVPN box at this
end, but unless your looking at several hundred site-to-site VPNs that
would be way overkill.  Check to see if your current router is VPN
capable, if so put a small sonicwall at the other end, follow thier doco
and you should be set.
        George Taylor
        Systems Programmer
        Reginal Health Inc.


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        Subject: [ExchangeList] Microsoft Exchange and VPN
        I setup an Exchange Server by using a book. So pretty much
everything I know is self-taught so excuse me if this is a bit out
        I know that to get Exchange to work outside of the network you
need to VPN in. Does anyone have a good information tool for how to
setup a simple VPN to work with Exchange? I know I could google it but I
get back too many varied links that I don't know which one is the right
        Hopefully thanks for the help!

        Steve Frechette

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