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Most any VPN will work with Exchange.  To start with you need something to
function as a VPN server on your network.
Any Windows server can be a VPN server.  For that you want to read google
matches for "Windows VPN" and maybe "routing and remote access vpn".   In
that space you can do PPTP (not terribly secure) or IPSEC over L2TP
(secure).   Followup questions on Windows VPN should go to a Windows list.
Or, your firewall may have the capability to function as a VPN gateway.  For
further information on that, check with your firewall manufacturer.


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I setup an Exchange Server by using a book. So pretty much everything I know
is self-taught so excuse me if this is a bit out there.
I know that to get Exchange to work outside of the network you need to VPN
in. Does anyone have a good information tool for how to setup a simple VPN
to work with Exchange? I know I could google it but I get back too many
varied links that I don't know which one is the right option.
Hopefully thanks for the help!

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