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I have the same issue on E2K SP2.  Users are all using Outlook 2k.  I
got the problem with 2 or 3 domains, and the problem is not there all
the time.  I didn't find how yet.
Albert Charron 
Trisotech Inc.

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I have a strange problem with one particular mailbox on our Exchange 5.5
Server (SP3).  While doing some testing with the mailbox size - prevent
send and receive function the user attempted to send some messages.
Sure enough the messages remained in the queue.  We them removed the
mailbox size restriction and the messages were delivered.  We know they
were delivered only because the recipients have verified that they
received them.  

The messages still appear in his outbox in what looks like a "being
delivered" state (the messages are listed in italics).  Any messages we
attempt to send now gets delivered as normal yet these messages remain.
We can not open the message (We get "Unable to open the item" error),
and we can not delete the messages.  I even tried to delete them using
MDBVU32.EXE with no success.  I can't get them out of there.  

It's not a critical issues as sending/receiving appears to be working as
normal and we are a couple of weeks away from a migration to exchange
2000 anyway.  I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this or a
similar issues with ex5.5.  

Thanks (in advance)


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