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Thanks for the info!  I was really hoping to secure my OWA by something like Attachview, might I ask how you address the issue of e-mail attachments being retained on unsecured kiosks\workstations?

On 3/28/06, Chris Wall <Chris.Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have the entire suite of their products…

Let me put it this way –


Installation is simple.  Features are interesting and nice.


I have uninstalled and removed ALL of their applications except for Plus Pack. 

Plus Pack gives the GAL view that people are used to seeing in Outlook and there are no 'funky' downloads for this to work.

The other applications work differently per Browser and require Java downloads that, at best, are confusing to end users and create more hassle than their worth for our Helpdesk staff.  I was directed by sr. management to remove those applications immediately. 


Plus Pack has been the only win for us…


I strongly recommend the Plus Pack, but I strongly recommend that you test all other applications on MANY different platforms before purchasing or deploying to your user community.



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Looking for ways to secure my OWA deployment, anyone on the list had experience with MessageWare Products, specifically Attachview and/or Plus Pack.  Interested in getting any feedback!, thanks!


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