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-------------------------------------------------------Yes, you're right Carl.
Thank you very much!


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If the client is connecting to Exchange via MAPI (the normal Outlook
configuration), you won't see that information in the headers.  The only way
to make it happen would be to configure clients for POP/SMTP access with


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Hi all,

When a user send mail to a recipient outside our organization through
exchange smtp virtual server, the message header does not include the Client
Hostname and Client IP address. 

How to configure Exchange SMTP Virtual Server to include the sender's IP
address and hostname in all message headers.

It's something like this:

Received: from unknown (HELO D0261) (email@xxxxxxxxxx@[])
(envelope-sender <email@xxxxxxxxxx>)
          by mail.sl.pt (qmail-ldap-1.03) with SMTP
          for <desination@xxxxxxxxx>; 22 Mar 2006 18:24:56 -0000

Where "D0261" and "[]" is hostname and the senders ip address

Any help would be appreciated.


Honório Côrte-real

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