RE: Maximum number of simultaneous registrations for MAPI notifications

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  • Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 06:02:43 -0500

Here is the info I came accros from
<> :

 "As per Microsoft: "When a MAPI client (such as Outlook) starts and
connects to an Exchange server, the client registers itself with the
Information Store. The client registers its User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
post and an IP address so that the server can use this information to
communicate to the client when a new message is received by the store for
the client. This is called a PUSH NOTIFICATION because the Server PUSHes
this information to the client. The server saves the client's Push
Notification Registrations in its memory. When a new message is received for
a particular client, the server looks up that client's registration
information (UDP port and IP address) and informs the client that a new
message is waiting in the store. It is then the client's responsibility to
download the information so that the user sees the new mail.
Exchange Server now has a limit on the default number of registrations (and
context size settings) that can be set up by a particular client. This is
set on the server by adding a registry entry and prevents clients from
registering more push notifications than set. In such a situation, if the
client attempts to set more than the expected number of Push notification
registrations an MSExchangeIS event 9671 is logged in the server's
application log". "



From: Mark Meelhuysen [mailto:Mark@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: [exchangelist] Maximum number of simultaneous registrations for
MAPI notifications

 Hello all,


On an Server 2003 (SP1) machine with Exchange 2003 (SP2) i get the following


Event Type: Error
Event Source: MSExchangeIS
Event Category: General 
Event ID: 9671
Date:  2-3-2006
Time:  5:01:57
User:  N/A
Computer: DC-VERTON
User SYSTEM has exceeded the allowed maximum number of simultaneous
registrations for MAPI notifications.

 The configured maximum number of event notification registrations is 8. 

For more information, click
0000: 31 00 30 00 2e 00 32 00   1.0...2.
0008: 30 00 30 00 2e 00 31 00   0.0...1.
0010: 34 00 2e 00 31 00 00 00   4...1...

Can anyone tell me what I should do? I followed the link and it says:


The administrator can set the maximum number of registrations and the
context size setting by adding the following REG_DWORD values to

*       Maximum Allowed Client Context Size (default is 16 bytes). 
*       Maximum Allowed Notification Registrations Per Client (default is


But these values are not present.


Thanks in Advance.



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