[ExchangeList] Re: Mails queuing, not been delivered

  • From: kimiagar <kimiagar1974@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 05:47:22 -0700 (PDT)

Can anyone help me on this? 
This is my server information:
- MSWin 2000 Advanced Server SP4
- MSExchange 2000 Enterprise Edition SP3
- MCAfee 7
- GroupShield 5.20.689
- GFI Mail Essential 9
This is my problem:
From Last week, Emails are queued up so the server
become very slow and Event ID 327 generated in App
Log. Sometimes This event id refers to an email
sometimes not. If I delete the specefic email
everything become normal but If there is no specific
email It takes some times and the queue become normal
after a while,  but I'm stuck on this why this error
happen. I searched in microsoft support, They
recommand to install Exchange SP3 and post service
pack but These patches are already instlled on the
Any idea will be greatly appreciated.

--- Dave stevens <london31uk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Mark, we will try this out as well, I am sure
we are likely to find the solution here. Thanks again

Mark Meelhuysen <Mark@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Hi Dave,
  After a big search I finally found a little note
with the key :)
  I did a search in the microsoft support site and
found the article which Microsoft released after I had
contact with them. There are 2:
  I also spoke some other System administrators and it
seems that the newest patch released by McAfee (patch
13, it is out for 2 weeks now) also solves a lot off
known issues.
  Hope it helps you out. 
  Mark Meelhuysen

  Van: Dave stevens
Verzonden: wo 7/19/2006 16:48
Aan: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Onderwerp: [ExchangeList] Re: Mails queuing, not been

    Thanks Mark,
  It is in combination with McAfee enterprise, just
not sure what version. Please Please please, if you do
come accross the reg key, please let us know. Those
this error lie with MCAfee or MS? Any plans to release
a patch soon?

Mark Meelhuysen <Mark@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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          Hi guys,
  We had the same problem about 2 months ago. After
repeated contact with microsoft it turned out to be
the AntiVirus anyway, though i had stopped the
services. I read below that you are using groupshield.
is this in combination with McAfee 8.0i enterprise?
Microsoft pointed me out to an entry in thje registry
which we needed to disable.. and from the moment I
changed the entrie the pending submission queue was
processed again.
  I only regret that I dont know anymore which entry
it was. Stupid..
  Hope this helps you out a bit..
  With kind regards,
  Mark Meelhuysen

  Van: Hans Maris
Verzonden: wo 7/19/2006 10:38
Aan: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Onderwerp: [ExchangeList] Re: Mails queuing, not been

      We have a similiar problem.
  Mails get stuck in the following queues:
  -          Messages awaiting directory lookup
  -          Messages pending submission
  I can?t find a system in the crashes/hangs?( they
are not on regular basis)
  In out case it is the inetinfo (IIS) process that
hangs, and crashes when trying to stop the services.
  We opened a case and are working with Microsoft to
find a solution.
  I already installed a lot of debugging tools that
collected a lot of logs, but it seems to be not easy
to point to the problem?
  It seems to me that SMTP becomes irresponsive in ?a
certain condition?, some kind of mail that messes up
SMTP ???
  What I do to come quick online without robooting:
  -          Kill inetinfo.exe
  -          Resart services
  If we find some solution I?ll let you know?
  Hans Maris
  Van: exchangelist-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[mailto:exchangelist-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] Namens
Verzonden: dinsdag 18 juli 2006 17:44
Aan: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Onderwerp: [ExchangeList] Re: Mails queuing, not been

  I would also turn diagnostic logging to max for all
counters for transport and report back your events. Do
you recall anything being updated installed or
  From: exchangelist-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[mailto:exchangelist-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf
Of Dave stevens
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 3:56 AM
To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [ExchangeList] Re: Mails queuing, not been

    All services are running, and we have tried
disabling Mc Afee, but no joy. Mails just seem to get
stuck in the queue. The only way to get some of them
moving is to reboot the server. Even trying to restart
the sntp service would throw the server into an
unresponsive state.


    This is getting pretty dire, and I am not quite
sure what the problem is. I have instructed a
reinstallation of Exch 2003 sp2. From what I can see
the smtp service is not working as smoothly as I would
want. Just wondering if it corrupt? I just dont know.

Brian Pituley <bpituley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Are all your services running?
  What happens if you turn off McAfee?

  Brian Pituley
Director of Information Technology
T: 408-441-3611
F: 408-441-8405
E: bpituley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  From: exchangelist-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[mailto:exchangelist-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf
Of Dave stevens
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 3:25 PM
To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [ExchangeList] Mails queuing, not been
    Hi Guys,


    Exchange 2003 sp2, windows 2003 sp1, MC Afee
Groupshield 6.0.


    Mails are currently queuing up and not been
delivered internally and externally. The mails are
stuck in the pending submission queue, and ideas?
Checked event log, and no specific id's.


    Please help




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