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  • Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 02:49:03 -0000

Are all your DC's Global Catalog servers as well?


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Subject: Mailbox doesn't show up 


On 2 of my Ex2000 servers, when you create a user the mailbox does not
show up in ESM. I tried emailing it, logging in OWA, Outlook to try to
activate it no luck. RUS is working, the user will show up in the GAL,
but mailbox will never appear in ESM even after couple hours so when you
email the user you will get NDR like account doesn't exist. These two
servers are in a different site and use their local DC (1) for dsaccess.
What we did to temporarily fix this is to change the subnet in sites in
services so that these two exchange servers point to our HQ site so now
when you create a user, mailbox shows up and the Ex servers use our HQ
DCs for dsaccess. Replication appears to be working between sites, when
you create a user in each site they will show up. One thing I noticed is
that the bad site's DC does not have DNS installed and is pointing to
our DNS in HQ. Our windows guy says this should not be a prob. Any
ideas? Thanks. 



From: John T (Lists) [mailto:johnlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [exchangelist] RE: IMF removal

It was called a total of 11 hours of sleep in three days.


John T

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I think that is the calmest I've ever heard john in a rant J






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