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5-10 daily?  :)

To clean the mailbox, using the clean mailbox feature is one way to do it.
Another would be to use the mailbox manager program and have it do that for
you on a timed schedule.

To block email sent to a deleted mailbox, you'd have to either block it at
the IMS else block it on the virus server if separate.  I'd opt for whatever
is the first hop in the message path inbound for your organization and take
advantage of the mailer options running there.


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Hi everyone,

I have these two problems:

1. I'm using MSExchange 5.5. How do I delete emails from mailboxes. When I
check my mailbox resources I can see a number of mailboxes accumulating
large volumes of emails. I tried the CLEAN command in Tools and the program
seems to be working but when I check the mailboxes resources, the volume of
the emails in the mailboxes do not change.

2. We receive a considerable amount of email (about 5-10 daily) from one
source, sent to the same email address in our domain. These emails have an
attachments infected with the YAHA virus, so our anti-virus program detects
them each time it is received. What I did was delete the mailbox. Still, I
receive a warning from our anti-virus program that an email was sent to the
deleted address. How do I block emails sent to a deleted mailbox?

I hope someone can help. Thanks


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