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  • Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 10:38:08 +0200

You should check outlook settings at client site and renew name of

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From: Elias, Delores [mailto:delias@xxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: Mailbox Moves

Hi All

I have two Exch Servers in my site.  The old one is NT4 SP6a, Ex 5.5
SP4. The new one is W2k SP3, Ex 5.5 SP4.  I'm trying to move mailboxes
from one server to the other.  I moved some test boxes first and it
seemed to work. I tried to move an actual user's mailbox and he can't
open his mailbox.  He gets a message that says the Exchanger Server is
offline.  But when I use Outlook on the actual server I can open his

I checked the server and I see him listed in the Server Recipients and
Mailbox Resources but not in the Logons.  I checked the Advanced tab and
it says his home server is the new one that I moved him to.

Please enlighten me as to what I can do or what I didn't do?


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