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You're quite an ass....this is a list for helping people out, not
touting your services......


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You can create additional SMTP Connectors to accomplish your request but
more than likely you are haivning a DNS reverse lookup issue with your
current service provider or your failover ISP provider. My firm charges
125.00 USD an hour to reolve issues let me know if you would like
further assistance. 


Jonathan E> Cox




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I am having some mail queue performance issues. Specifically I have
several messages that are in a re-try state sitting in a queue. These
mails are being rejected by the upstream server. When they get into this
state they prevent other messages in the queue from being sent in a
timely manner.  Is there a way to create more than one queue for a given
destination address or some other way to handle these re-try messages so
they don't interfere with other messages.  Any pointers on improving
queuing  performance would be appreciated.





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