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Title: Configuring a Spam and Attachment Filtering SMTP Relay on the ISA Server 
2000 Firewall - Part 1: Installing and Configuring the SMTP Services and Remote 
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: Spam is a major threat to the Internet and corporate networks today. 
Spam clogs Internet routers and gateways, usurps bandwidth on corporate 
Internet links, and consumes processor cycles and disk space on corporate SMTP 
relays and mail servers. Criminal spammers are using increasingly sophisticated 
techniques to circumvent spam filtering applications. The more complex the 
spammer?s attack methodologies used to avoid detection, the more processor 
intensive the spam whacking applications must be. These processor cycles are 
robbed from other applications and services running on the same machine and 
often require that you dedicate a single box to spam filtering. This two part 
article shows you with detailed step by step instructions on how to make your 
ISA Server 2000 firewall into a front-end spam filtering SMTP relay.

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