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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Using the SMTP Connector Internally
Author: Amit Zinman
Summary: Although all of us Exchange administrators would like to have Exchange 
as the sole mail server, sometimes more SMTP mailers exist. The following 
article explains how to configure Exchange to relay mail for these systems.

Title: Using Mail Relays to Enhance Exchange Security
Author: Amit Zinman
Summary: Virus, Trojan and denial of service attacks are quite common these 
days and Exchange is a popular target for these attacks due its popularity and 
inherent vulnerabilities. Mail relays can be used to thwart most attacks. I'm 
constantly discovering that although the concept of mail relays is not new they 
can be used against the latest sophisticated attacks, just long as they're not 
the weakest link in the chain of e-mail delivery.

Title: Bill Gates announces Intelligent Message (anti spam) filter for Exchange 
Author: Admin
Summary: Bill Gates announces Intelligent Message (anti spam) filter for 
Exchange 2003 SA customers. The anti spam filter will be heuristics based and 
should be available for download in a few months time for Exchange 2003 users 
with a Service Agreement.

Title: SMTP Event Sinks - A window into Exchange integration (Part 1).
Author: Alex Zammit
Summary: If you installed Exchange integrated applications such as anti-virus, 
anti-spam, or custom disclaimers there is a good chance that you installed an 
SMTP event sink. As from IIS5 and Exchange2000 event sinks played a key role in 
a wide variety of applications. IIS6 and Exchange 2003 kept the same interfaces 
re-enforcing this trend. You may read these articles for a better understanding 
of event sinks and common troubleshooting techniques.

Title: Customizing OWA 2000 Using Segmentation.
Author: Lee Derbyshire
Summary: With Exchange 2000 SP2 Microsoft added a feature, known as 
segmentation, that allows you to quite easily make some rather major changes to 
the appearance and functionality of OWA.

Title: Improvements in Exchange 2003
Author: Jakub Synoradzki
Summary: Not everyone has managed to migrate to Exchange 2000 yet, while others 
choose to ignore it completely, and continue using Exchange 5.5. Meanwhile, 
Microsoft has introduced a new upgrade ? the 2003. This is related to the 
appearance of a new MS Windows 2003 version, the operating system to provide a 
really good tandem with Exchange 2003. As we will see further on, when using 
Exchange 2003 without combining it with Windows 2003, it loses most of its 

Title: GFI MailEssentials chosen Readers? Choice Award Winner - 
Anti Spam for Exchange Category
Author: Admin
Summary: Leading Microsoft Exchange Server resource site,, 
announced today that GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP was named the winner 
in the Anti-Spam category of the Readers? Choice Awards.

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