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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Offline Address Book - Best Practice
Author: Marc Grote
Summary: In this article I will give you some tips how to implement Offline 
Address Books in Exchange Server 2003. This article deals also with some basics 
about Offline Address Books and the implementation of Offline Address Books in 
Outlook 2003.

Title: The Art and Science of Sizing Exchange 2003 (Part 2)
Author: Rui J.M. Silva
Summary: Storage is the most critical component of an Exchange back-end server 
and it’s usually the cause of performance degradation. If your users are 
complaining about frequent Outlook messages saying that it’s trying to retrieve 
data from the Exchange Server, that’s probably a storage bottleneck. Good 
Exchange planning with proper disk sizing can prevent these kind of problems 
from happening.

Title: Using the Exchange Dump Utility (ExchDump)
Author: Marc Grote
Summary: In this article I will give you some information about the small but 
very helpful tool ExchDump. With the help of ExchDump you can collect a lot of 
useful information about your Exchange Servers.

Title: Automating a Quicker Exchange 2000 or 2003 / DC reboot
Author: Lee Derbyshire
Summary: For those of you running Exchange 2000/2003 on a Domain Controller, 
this article describes how to make sure that the Exchange services are 
automatically stopped before Active Directory, substantially improving 
shutdown/reboot time.

Title: Using Microsoft Office Outlook Live
Author: Robert J. Shimonski
Summary: Microsoft Office Outlook Live (or MOOL for short) is a subscription 
based service offered by Microsoft that combines MSN's Hotmail Plus service and 
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 so that you can have the freedom of having a 
fully flexible and functional e-mail client, without the responsibility of 
managing an e-mail server. Microsoft's popular Outlook 2003 client application 
can be used and with special connector software, you can have a good e-mail 
solution in minutes. In this article we will cover MOOL, as well as how to 
install it and discuss the benefits provided.

Title: The Art and Science of Sizing Exchange 2003 (Part 1)
Author: Rui J.M. Silva
Summary: I’m pretty sure that it’s, at least, arguable that you can call it 
art. I don’t know either if it’s deep enough to be called a science. One thing 
I can assure you is that sizing an Exchange server can be a complex task and it 
requires not only the knowledge, but also a dose of sensibility and some 
previous experience with the Microsoft Server family of products. Although 
there are some pretty good documents from Microsoft about this subject, I’ll 
try to condense them all and include the main guidelines in this three-part 

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