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New articles added to this month:

Title: Moving the Exchange Databases in Exchange 2000
Summary: This article explains how you can move the Exchange 2000 Databases 
and/or the Exchange 2000 Transaction Log files to a different location.

Title: Improving Coexistence between Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Exchange
Summary: Lotus Notes/Domino (or simply ?Notes?) and Microsoft Exchange 
migrations have traditionally been painful processes. In nearly every 
migration, there is an amount of time where running both systems is required, 
especially in large scale deployments. In many cases, both systems remain 
indefinitely in the environment.

Title: Article Updates in Your Mailbox!
Summary: Keep up to date with all articles published on with the 
newly launched 'RealTime' and 'Monthly' article updates! A great way to ensure 
that you don't miss the articles and tips that matter to you most. <A 
href=' ' >Click here</A> to 

Title: Just the FAX ? Are you still faxing manually?
Summary: Most companies still rely on traditional manual faxing using a 
dedicated fax machine, though a popular, more efficient and cost-effective 
solution in recent years has been to use network fax servers as a replacement 
for the traditional fax machine.

Title: Exchange and SharePoint: Two Peas in a Pod?
Summary: It is rarely wise to do something simply because you can. With Service 
Pack 2 of Exchange 2000, it is now possible to run Exchange 2000 and Microsoft 
Sharepoint Portal Server on the same box. I may argue against such a 
configuration in the name of network efficiency, but I am not completely 
one-sided in my opinions when I touch ever so cautiously?on the few special 
scenarios for which it may be a good idea after all.

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