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-------------------------------------------------------MSExchange.org - Monthly 
Article Update

Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to MSExchange.org last month:

Title:  Public Folder Basics (Part 2)
Author: Amit Zinman
Link:   http://www.MSExchange.org/tutorials/Public-Folder-Basics-Part2.html
Summary:        In the previous article I went over the most basic uses of 
public folders. However, as mentioned, public folders can be used for all kinds 
of purposes and have many features which are easy to overlook. In this article 
I will try to cover more of these features.

Title:  Veritas Enterprise Vault - Voted MSExchange.org Readers’ Choice Award 
Winner - Archiving Category
Author: Admin
Summary:        Veritas Enterprise Vault was selected the winner in the 
Exchange Archiving category of the MSExchange.org Readers’ Choice Awards. GFI 
MailArchiver and Fortiva Archive were first runner-up and second runner-up 

Title:  Implementing RPC over HTTPS in a single Exchange Server 2003 environment
Author: Marc Grote
Summary:        In this article I will show you how to deploy RPC over HTTPS to 
connect your Exchange Server with your Outlook Client over HTTPS. This article 
specifically deals with a single Exchange / Domain Controller environment for 
small organizations.

Title:  Installing a Two Node Exchange Server 2007 Single Copy Cluster (SCC) in 
a Virtual Server Test Environment - Part 1: Preparing the virtual environment
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary:        In this three part article series I'll show you how to prepare 
for, install and configure an Exchange Server 2007 Single Copy Cluster (or in 
short SCC) in a virtual server 2005 R2 test environment.

Title:  Creating a Virtual Exchange Server for Exchange 2003 Clustering
Author: Marc Grote
Summary:        In this article I will show you the detailed steps that are 
necessary to create an Exchange Virtual Server for Exchange Server Clustering 
with Windows Server 2003.

Title:  Securing Exchange 2007 Edge Transport Servers
Author: Rodney Buike
Summary:        The Exchange 2007 Edge Transport Server is most vulnerable due 
to its location on the edge of the network. This article shows you a simple way 
to secure your Edge Transport server(s).

Title:  A Closer Look At Directory Service Access (DSAccess) - Part 2
Author: Neil Hobson
Summary:        Here in part 2 of this article series we’ll take a look at how 
you can see the results of the tests that DSAccess performs, hard coding 
servers, cache information and a brief look at some performance counter 

Title:  Drilldown of the new OWA Direct File Access Feature in Exchange Server 
2007: Part 2 (Client-side)
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary:        In this article I’ll show you how the new OWA direct file 
access feature works, seen from an end-user perspective.

Title:  Public Folder Basics (Part 1)
Author: Amit Zinman
Link:   http://www.MSExchange.org/tutorials/Public-Folder-Basics-Part1.html
Summary:        This article should server as a tutorial for beginners or 
occasional Exchange administrators, for setting up the folders and their 
permissions and points out the benefits of doing so.

Title:  Installing Exchange 2007 (Part 2)
Author: Rodney Buike
Link:   http://www.MSExchange.org/tutorials/Installing-Exchange-2007-Part2.html
Summary:        Installing Exchange has been a pretty straightforward task; 
however there have been some changes in the install process for Exchange 2007. 
Part two of this article will cover the GUI and CLI installation options.

Title:  Drilldown of the new OWA Direct File Access Feature in Exchange Server 
2007: Part 1 (Server-side)
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary:        In this two part article series I’ll take you through the new 
OWA direct file access feature in Exchange Server 2007.

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