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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Configuring ISA to Redirect OWA Users to the Correct Directories and 
Protocols (Part 2)
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: Part 1 of this two-part series on how to redirect OWA users to the 
right site and protocol discussed the issues involved with creating redirects 
for users who enter incorrect URLs or incorrect protocols when accessing the 
OWA Web site. We also went over the initial configuration steps you can use to 
perform the redirects. In this, part 2 and final part of the series, we’ll go 
over the configuration steps from beginning to end and explain the rationale 
behind the steps. By the time you finish the procedure, users will be able to 
enter incorrect paths and incorrect protocols and still be redirected to the 
correct OWA Web site. The end result is fewer Help Desk calls.

Title: Recovering a Failed Exchange 2003 Member Server Using the Disaster 
Recovery Switch
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary: What could be worse than facing a seriously corrupted mailbox store? 
Yes you guessed right – facing a completely dead Exchange Server. In this 
article I’ll shine some light on the steps necessary in order to restore an 
Exchange 2003 Member Server, that has experienced a major hardware failure 
causing a complete loss of data.

Title: Restoring Exchange Server 2003 to alternate Hardware
Author: Markus Klein
Summary: There are several steps you will have to do if you have to restore 
your Exchange Server 2003 System to alternate hardware. This is very often a 
task if your old Exchange Server box crashed and you did not have a chance to 
get the same or very similar hardware back. The goal now will be restoring your 
Exchange Server 2003 System on new hardware that is not the same as the old. 
Within this article we will get a drill-down on how this works and what steps 
and tasks need to be done to make things run properly.

Title: The NoMAS Tool
Author: Neil Hobson
Summary: Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) can provide you with a useful 
tool called NoMAS. In this article I want to cover what the NoMAS tool is and 
under what circumstances you might want to use it.

Title: Configuring ISA to Redirect OWA Users to the Correct Directories and 
Protocols (Part 1)
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: A frequent request I see on the Web boards and mailing 
lists is for information on how to help hapless uses who can’t remember to 
enter the correct path or protocol to reach the Exchange Server’s OWA site. 
While it might seem like a simple issue to enter the path into the Web browser Address bar and press 
ENTER, long experience tells us that this isn’t the case.

Title: Disclaimer Fun
Author: Rui J.M. Silva
Summary: These days almost every corporate e-mail has a disclaimer. Companies 
use them because of legal issues, as an advertising means or maybe because they 
think messages look nicer with a disclaimer. Since Exchange Server 5.5 
Microsoft has provided a way of adding basic disclaimers to outgoing messages. 
Let’s see how things have evolved since then and what we can do to extend the 
provided capabilities.

Title: Creating A Certificate For Outlook Web Access 2003 Using SelfSSL
Author: Lee Derbyshire
Summary: Issuing certificates has historically been a fairly complicated process
requiring the installation of Certificate Services, but a less
well-known utility from the IIS6 Resource Kit Tools known as SelfSSL can
make the process a lot easier.

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