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-------------------------------------------------------MSExchange.org - Monthly 
Article Update

Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to MSExchange.org last month:

Title:  Configuring an Exchange Hybrid Deployment  & Migrating to Office 365 
(Exchange Online) (Part 6)
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary:        In this article we'll convert our Office 365 domain to a 
federated domain as well as install the Directory Synchronization (DirSync) 

Title:  ENow Mailscape - Voted MSExchange.org Readers' Choice Award Winner - 
Exchange Administration
Author: The Editor
Summary:        ENow Mailscape was selected the winner in the Exchange 
Administration Category of the MSExchange.org Readers' Choice Awards. U-BTech 
Exchange Tasks 2010 and ADO++ Active Directory Management were runner-up and 
second runner-up respectively.

Title:  Introducing Load Balancing in Exchange Server 2013 (Part 1)
Author: Steve Goodman
Summary:        In this two part article, we’ll examine layer-4 load balancing 
support in Exchange Server 2013 and explain how these changes along with a move 
to HTTPS-only client access simplify configuration and management of the new 

Title:  Exchange 2013 Mail Flow (Part 2)
Author: Nuno Mota
Summary:        This second article is all about theory and has lots of text 
which can be discouraging... However, it is important to understand some key 
features of how Exchange 2013 routes messages to their correct destination so 
we can (in the third and final article) trace an e-mail through all the 
different services that compose the transport pipeline.

Title:  Managing Limits in Exchange Server 2010 (Part 2)
Author: Anderson Patricio
Summary:        In this second article about exchange limits, the author 
discusses the limits that can be applied on Send and Receive connectors, and 
Active Directory sites.

Title:  Using AutoDiscover with large numbers of accepted domains (Part 2)
Author: Steve Goodman
Summary:        In this two-part article we’ll look at how to configure 
AutoDiscover redirection to allow you to have a large or growing number of 
accepted domains without needing to add these names to your SAN/UCC 

Title:  Configuring an Exchange Hybrid Deployment  & Migrating to Office 365 
(Exchange Online) (Part 5)
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary:        In this article we will install and configure Active Directory 
Federation Service (ADFS) 2.0 on the two ADFS Proxy servers in the perimeter 

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