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Hi ExchangeList,

New articles added to MSExchange.org last month:

Title:  Performing a Staged Exchange Migration To Office 365 (Exchange Online) 
- (Part 3)
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary:        In this article we will create a CSV file containing the batch 
of users we wish to migrate from Exchange on-premise to Exchange Online. 

Title:  Monitor DAG Database Failover
Author: Nuno Mota
Summary:        In this article the author will develop a script to monitor the 
health of databases in an Exchange DAG and alert administrators if any of these 
databases is automatically failed over.

Title:  Symantec Mail Security for Exchange - Voted MSExchange.org Readers' 
Choice Award Winner - Exchange Anti-Spam
Author: The Editor
Summary:        Symantec Mail Security for Exchange was selected the winner in 
the Exchange Anti-Spam Category of the MSExchange.org Readers' Choice Awards. 
Kaspersky Security for Mail Servers and GFI MailEssentials were runner-up and 
second runner-up respectively.

Title:  Managing Multi-Mailbox Search in Exchange Server 2010 (Part 1)
Author: Anderson Patricio
Summary:        In this article series the author will be going over the 
Multi-Mailbox Search feature in Exchange Server 2010. In this first article he 
will show how a regular mailbox can access this feature.

Title:  Performing a Staged Exchange Migration To Office 365 (Exchange Online) 
- (Part 2)
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary:        In this article we will activate directory synchronization 
(DirSync) for our Office 365 tenant followed by installing and configuring the 
DirSync tool on the domain member server in our on-premise environment.

Title:  Exchange 2010 Litigation Hold (Part 2)
Author: Nuno Mota
Summary:        In this second and final part we will talk about if Litigation 
Hold impacts backups, the limit quota that is set on the Recoverable Items 
folder, and how Litigation Hold differs from Single Item Recovery and Retention 

Title:  Migration Philosophy White Paper
Author: Binary Tree
Summary:        This white paper discusses how to tackle Exchange migrations.

Title:  Backing up and Restoring in a Microsoft Exchange Environment
Author: Acronis
Summary:        This white paper lays out the challenges facing Exchange 
administrators responsible for backing up and restoring their servers. It 
offers functional benchmarks for speed, granularity, ease of use and more.

Title:  Why Software File Archiving is More Cost Effective than Buying More 
Storage Hardware
Author: Waterford Technologies
Summary:        This whitepaper will explore ways to get better visibility into 
the data and leverage lower tier storage to automatically free up space on 
expensive storage.

Title:  Using the Hybrid Configuration Wizard in Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 
(Part 1) - Planning
Author: Steve Goodman
Summary:        The Hybrid Configuration Wizard in Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 
simplifies the integration of Office 365 with Exchange Server. This article 
looks at the areas you should check before you start, examines what happens 
under the hood and details the tuning and tests worth performing after using 
the Wizard.

Title:  Product Review - GFI MailEssentials
Author: J. Peter Bruzzese 
Summary:        The author reviews GFI MailEssentials.

Title:  Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions: 500 Mailboxes in a Single Site Running 
Hyper-V on Dell Servers
Author: Microsoft
Summary:        This document provides an example of how to design, test, and 
validate an Exchange Server 2010 solution for environments with 500 mailboxes 
or less deployed on Dell server and storage solutions.

Title:  Configuring Exchange Connector for Service Manager 2012
Author: Markus Klein
Summary:        This article will describe the installation and configuration 
of Exchange Connector for Service Manager 2012.

Title:  How Microsoft Exchange Online Helps Solve IT Challenges
Author: Microsoft
Summary:        Exchange Online was designed for organizations that want to get 
the benefits of cloud-based email with the robust capabilities of an 
on-premises Exchange deployment.

Title:  How Should Your Organization Deploy Microsoft Exchange
Author: Microsoft
Summary:        The purpose of this paper is to help you choose how to deploy 
Microsoft Exchange: as Exchange Server 2010 on-premises, Exchange Online with 
Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud, or using both in a temporary or permanent 
hybrid scenario.

Title:  Microsoft Exchange 2010 Archiving and the Value of Third-Party Solutions
Author: Ferris Research
Summary:        This report explains the archiving features of Exchange 2010, 
assesses their benefits, and explores the role of third-party archiving vendors.

Title:  PowerShell 101 for Messaging Administrator and IT Pros (Part 5)
Author: Anderson Patricio
Summary:        In this final article about PowerShell scripts the author will 
go over the Import/Export process and will explore a few tricks that can help 
you build richer scripts.

Title:  Performing a Staged Exchange Migration to Office 365 (Exchange Online) 
- (Part 1)
Author: Henrik Walther
Summary:        In this multi-part article series, I’ll explain how you perform 
a Staged Exchange Migration to Office 365 (Exchange Online).

Title:  Exchange 2010 Migration Guide
Author: Mimecast
Summary:        This guide details the best practices to follow when migrating 
from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Microsoft Exchange 2010.

Title:  A three step plan for migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2010
Author: Mimecast
Summary:        Harnessing the powerful new features of Microsoft Exchange 
2010, but without introducing additional risk, cost and complexity during the 
migration process- is a challenge many CIOs are about to face. In this 
whitepaper, we consider the risks involved in migrating to Exchange 2010 and 
take a look at what actions businesses can take to mitigate them.

Title:  The PST File Rodeo
Author: Sherpa Software
Summary:        This whitepaper, by noted Microsoft Exchange expert, Paul 
Robichaux, discusses a range of issues related to PST files.

Title:  Waiting to Upgrade Understanding Archiving and Ediscovery Limitations 
in Exchange 2010
Author: Sherpa Software
Summary:        Download this whitepaper today and learn about upgrading to 
Exchange 2010 and potential downsides.

Title:  The Concise Guide to E-discovery
Author: Sherpa Software
Summary:        To help better prepare everyone for the rigors of the 
e-Discovery process, independent consultant, Michael Osterman takes a look at 
key e-Discovery issues including what the right e-Discovery capabilities can do 
for your company and why e-Discovery should be a top priority for every 

Title:  Exchange 2010 Offers Compelling Reasons to Upgrade
Author: Sherpa Software
Summary:        Exchange MVP Paul Robichaux and Sherpa Software's Technical 
Support Specialist Shani Mahler take a closer look at Exchange 2010's new 
features, considerations for upgrading, and how third-party solutions can 
enhance your Exchange 2010 experience.

Title:  Key E-Discovery Issues to Consider in 2011 
Author: Metalogix
Summary:        This white paper focuses on the key practices and technologies 
that organizations should pursue as they seek to improve their e-discovery 
practices and technologies.

Title:  Exchange Optimization
Author: Metalogix
Summary:        Randy Kern from the Evaluator Group discusses how maintaining 
the email operational environment with consistent performance and availability 
is expected of IT and investigates the role of mail archiving in achieving 
these goals within Exchange environments.

Title:  Understanding the Costs of Email Security
Author: Vircom
Summary:        The three main cost factors associated with email filtering 
solutions are: solution costs, operating costs and productivity losses. This 
paper aims to help the reader make an informed decision when purchasing an 
email filtering solution by analyzing the various features and properties that 
contribute to the total cost of ownership.

Title:  Online Pharmaceuticals “Spam Pill-Pushers”
Author: Vircom
Summary:        This study examines some of the latest tricks that spammers use 
to elude spam filters. We investigate several of the most frequently occurring 
types of online pharmaceutical spam messages today and look at how they have 
evolved, as well as the methods that spammers use to stay one step ahead of the 
spam filter.

Title:  Image Spam 
Author: Vircom
Link:   http://www.MSExchange.org/white-papers/email-security/image-spam-.html
Summary:        Spam accounts for over 80% of all email traffic and this number 
continues to grow. One of the key factors for this dramatic increase is 
image-based spam, an increasingly common and sophisticated nuisance accounting 
for more than 25% of all spam.

Title:  Glossary of Spam Terms 
Author: Vircom
Summary:        Definitions and glossary of terms used in the Spam industry. A 
must have reference for anyone involved!

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