RE: Lost my last exchange 5.5 server

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  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 10:30:58 -0400

1.      Use the Active Directory Connector Management snap-in to delete
any recipient Connection Agreements. Do not attempt to delete any
configuration Connection Agreements that begin with Config_CA in the
management console. 
2.      Ensure your account has full Microsoft Exchange Server
Administrator program permissions; as well as service account
Administrator permissions to the SRS database. 
3.      Open Exchange 5.5 Administrator, either on another Exchange 5.5
server, or directly on the Exchange 2000 machine with the SRS. This is
typically the first Exchange 2000 server installed to an Exchange 5.5
site. Click File, click Connect to Server, and then type the name of the
Exchange 2000 Server running the SRS service. 
4.      In the Exchange Server 5.5 Administrator program that is
connected to the SRS, click to expand the local site name (which is
displayed in bold), click to expand Configuration, click Directory
Replication Connectors , and then delete any Directory Replication
Connectors that exist. 
5.      Navigate to the Configuration container, click Servers , and
then delete any Exchange Server 5.5 computers that are displayed in the
Servers container. 
6.      Perform steps three through five for each site that is running
SRS to ensure all Exchange Server 5.5 computers and Directory
Replication Connectors are removed. 
7.      Allow time for the changes that you made in the Exchange Server
5.5 Administrator program to replicate to the Config_CAs to Active
8.      Start Exchange System Manager. 
9.      Ensure that no Exchange Server 5.5 computers are displayed in
any administrative group in Exchange System Manager. 
10.     Navigate to the Tools container, click the Site Replication
Services container, right-click each SRS, and then click Delete . When
you do so, the SRS and corresponding Config_CA for that SRS are deleted.

11.     After all the SRSs have been deleted, remove the Active
Directory Connector (ADC) servers.
12.     Once the SRS has been deleted and ADC service disabled, the
Exchange organization can be moved to native mode. Open System Manager.
Right click on the organization name and click Change Mode. Answer Yes
to the following questions on warnings that changing to Native mode is a
one way process.


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I have been looking through the mails for the last few days and have
found nothing even slightly resembling my problem.  
I upgraded from exchange 5.5 to exchange 2000 about a year ago, I had
done all the preparation work in removing my last exchange 5.5 server
from my new 2k site.  The problem started when I shut down my exchange
5.5. server to make sure that there would be no issues on my existing
site when I finally did shut it down permanently.  When I tried to
re-boot my server the server would not come up.  I found out later that
3 of the discs (raid 5 with six discs) had gone faulty.  The last backup
I have of this server is nearly a year old. 
My adc is installed on this server, and I was wondering what I would
have to do to remove this last exchange server from my site and move to
native mode???
Your help would really be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance



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