Looping messages

  • From: "Byron Kendrick" <bkendrick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 11:28:33 -0700

I am getting the following error messages.  Can someone help me?  Let me
know what other information you need.  We do have a SMTP connector
configured on the server that points to a Sendmail server (Sun Solaris)
but it looks like this is an internal problem.  How can I change the port
on the virtual SMTP server and which one should be changed?

Type:   Error
Source: MSExchangeTransport
Event ID:       3017
Event Time:     3/2/2005 9:23:12 AM
User:   n/a

Computer:       "Exchange Server"
A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.3.5 was generated for
recipient rfc822;"user"@phoenix.austincollege.edu (Message-ID  
Causes: A looping condition was detected. (The server is configured to
route mail back to itself).
If you have multiple SMTP Virtual Servers configured on your Exchange
server, make sure they are defined by a unique incoming port and that the
outgoing SMTP port configuration is valid to avoid looping between local
virtual servers.
Solution: Check the configuration of the virtual serverÆs connectors for
loops and ensure each virtual server is defined by a unique incoming port.

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