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Hi Ian,

1.) Create a guide on how to properly manage email:

- We encourage users to save their emails with large attachments (over
1MB) to their personal mapped drive to the file server, and then
delete them from their Exchange mailbox.

-We encourage users to create an archive PST file and save it to their
personal mapped drive on the file server, and archive old emails to
their PST, not their Exchange mailbox.

-Outline with pretty screenshots how to do all of the above.

-Encourage users to perform monthly maintenance to improve system
efficiency, their productivity, and decrease the costs associated with
an extremely large mail DB.

2.) Educate users on why their are limits:

-It's typically *estimated* (from an MSDN Exchange Blogger)  that it
will take one hour per GB to restore your Exchange DB. So, for
example, if someone *thinks* they should have a 500MB limit, tell them
that they can explain to the president why he can't access his email
for that extra 30 mins. :D

3) Set a reasonable level on the max. size of emails including attachments

This should give you a good start.


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I am trying to get our business to reduce email send size limits at
the moment and wondered if there was any best practice sizes that you
would recommend.

Any input would be appreciated. 


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