Laptop users are unable to download offline address book

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Forgive the reposting, but up until this morning I would have considered no
reponses the result of no one else having the answer either.  Now I have to
question whether my question is "too basic" to be answered by those more
experienced than I.  Can anyone provide a suggestion on where to proceed,

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Subject: Laptop users are unable to download offline address book

For some reason my laptop users are unable to download the offline address
book.  After trying, when they open it, it is blank.  I have selected in
Exchange to have the OAB generated from the Global Address book, that didn't
work.  I have also created another recipients container and pointed OAB
generation to that container, still no go.  Running Exchange 5.5SP4 on Win2K
server.  Could the OAB on the server be corrupt, and is there a way to
deleted the OAB that was generated on the server and recreate it?  I can
find nothing on this subject except deleting OABs on the laptops themselves,
nothing on the OAB generated on the server.

Paul Maglinger

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