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1.  Install ADC to synchroniza the 5.5 names to AD.
2.  Install Exch 2k and put the 2 servers in the same organization.
3.  use 'Move Server' to move it to the new server.
4.  decommission the 5.5 server once all mailboxes are done.
Try it out in a test lab first, esp ADC.  Keep in mind that ADC uses the
'Primary NT Account' in exch 5.5 to 'attach' mailboxes to Win2K usernames
(mailboxes and user accounts are one AD object in 2K), so make sure your 5.5
mailboxes' "Primary NT account" is set to the 2k users.
This is not the 'clean' way of doing it, but this is what I have to do since
my users are already migrated to a new Win2K domain.

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Can u explain how u will move mail  boxes to a new server.  I am also
planning to move from 5.5 to exchange 2k. 

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Hi gurus, 

I'm installing a brand new Exchange 2000 server to migrate our present Exch 
5.5 mailboxes onto.  This will be part of a new Win2K domain (which is 
already up and running). 

Q1:  Shall I set up the server as a DC so it won't have to constantly verify

credentials against the existing DC server?  I know there is no need for 
Exchange 2k to run on a DC, but what is your opinion?  Exch 2k on Win2K DC 
or Exch 2k on Win2k Member Server? 

Q2:  Service Packs:  Right now all my Win2k servers are happily running SP2,

shall I install Win2k SP3 on this new server straight away or stick with 
SP2?  Also, which Exch 2k SP would you recommend installing? 


Andrea Coppini 
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