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Exchange is supported worldwide, we have a number of Rapid Response
Engineers that cover EMEA, I'm based in the UK and support Exchange.

The interview process at Microsoft is a progressive one, you will first
talk with a recruiter and then move on to the technical interviews, so
don't be surprised if the first couple of interviews don't have any
technical questions, they want to see if you will fit in at Microsoft
and the role that you are applying for is a suitable one for you.

The recruiters at Microsoft are not stupid, so telling them what they
want to hear probably wont get you far, you need to qualify that you are
the best person for the position. 

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I had one phone interview with Microsoft but was not hired for the
position. It seems to me that it really was more of, are you the right
fit for the position and they really asked very few technical questions,
however each manger is going to have his or her own style. What they
seem to want to hear is that you really want to work for Microsoft and
that you have no problem with relocatiiong to Seattle or in your case
Exchange suport is probably out of Texas. Be sure to tell your
interviewer that you want to be an Exchange Messaging MCSE for 2003,
just think of them like a woman that your dating, tell them what they
want to hear.

Jose Medeiros

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