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  • From: Irwan Hadi <ihblist@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 12:06:46 -0600

I got an interview once with a recruiter from MS for the "MSN
operations sysadmin". She asked these questions like "what was the
largest program you ever write, and how many lines of codes was it?
What is special about this program? What kind of technology you think
is interesting or hot today?" , asides from basic questions like do
you want to relocate?, do you need assistance to relocate?

She also asked these two "game" questions. The first one was:

" I have three numbers in my head. The numbers are decimal numbers,
and they are between 0 to 100. Now you need to guess these three
numbers by asking me only three questions. You can ask me any
question, but of course not the number itself, and you can only ask me
three questions "

Anyway this question is actually a mathematics question. One can
assume these three numbers as A, B, and C.
So, in order to find 3 unknowns, one needs to have 3 equations, which
means, I should asked her:
what are the value of
and A+C

Because I wasn't ready at that time, and I just found out that the
question was a mathematics one after 5 minutes thinking, I asked her,
what is the sum of these three numbers , and what is the product of
B*C after wasting the first question foolishly.

By solving those three questions above, one can find out what is A, B, and C.

The other question she asked was a guessing question. "I have
something on my desk. Now your task is to guess what is this thing.
You can ask me at the most 20 questions regarding this item, and then
you must guess what it is"

So I started by asking "
- what is the shape of this item?
- Is the weight of this item is less than 5 pounds?
- Is the price of this item is less than $10.00 (She couldn't say the
exact price of this item)
- Is this item is made from plastics.

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