Issue In OWA Form Registration.

  • From: "Vijayakumar, T" <t.vijayakumar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 10:47:30 +0530


Iam Working with Webstorage Form.
Trying to Customize the OWA.
I have some problem in registering a new OWA form as default.
Generally in OWA by default it will give the contents of the folder when we
gave the following URL

The above will give Navbar in left frame and contents of Inbox folder in
right frame.
My requirement is to register new form for the inbox folder.
whenever i given the above link my new form should come and
within that form i have to display the contents of INBOX folder also.

By doing the above iam getting some problem.
The problem is if i register new form for Inbox folder, i can get
the new form, thats ok but i can't get the contents of   inbox  folder.

ok i will explain in detail:

We will assume that the default form name is  'A'.This form will display the
contents of Inbox folder.
When we try to open Mail box through web the default form will come.

I registered my new form (name is   'B') into particular user inbox.
If i opened that user mail box so i will get my new form (form 'B').

My requirement is within the new form (form 'B' ) i have to add some
custom button then i have to display the Inbox contents (like Form 'A').

My Question is if i registered new form for particular User Inbox,
how to get the contents of Inbox folder.

Generally in OWA customization

We can register our own form and we gave the following Tag to display the
contents of that user Inbox folder.

<IFRAME id="View"
SRC=""; width="600px"

I registered my form for inbox folder and the CMD = contents.

So that always iam getting my form ,i coud't get Form 'A' thats the contents
of inbox folder.

I can register my form for some other command (like CMD = owncommand )
if we did in that way, we have to give the owncommand in URL
like this


But i dont want in that way.
if a gave the following URL my form should come within that i have to
display the Inbox contens.


How to solve this problem.

If any one have the solution regarding this, that will be very helpful for

Thanx in Advance



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