RE: Is this IMF talking??

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Not that it helps at all but: It's the recipient's mail server that's broken
not yours. Why anyone would relinquish control of their mail system to a
third party who makes arbitrary decisions about what is and what is not a
legitimate source of email is beyond me. There are tools that actually
identify spam without relying on third parties that can totally break you
mail system at any time.


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I think this will answer your question. 

Good afternoon,
The reason why ORDB/SORBS is blacklisting the IP class 70.50.x.x is that
it as been identified as a dynamic pool in the reverse lookup.  In that
range their are dynamic and static The reverse DNS that Bell provides on
these IP's does meet SORBS requirements and our department were informed
that the DNS will not be modified.
Unfortunately, this type of static IP service does not include
modification of the reverse DNS.  There are other type of services
available that will allow your company to change the PTR, it is called
Business Internet Dedicated ADSL (15gig) with static IP.
With the service you currently have, you can in theory host a website
and a mail server but some ISPs will refuse mail if the reverse DNS
indicates a dynamic IP address range.
If your goal is to host your own mail server that will allow all mail to
be accepted, we suggest to go with the Business Internet Dedicated ADSL
(15gig) with static IP service.  You contact the sales department at
1-888-676-7777.  Otherwise you can setup your mail server to use Bell's
Be sure to contact us if you have any further concerns or comments.
Chris Robinson
Bell Internet Management Services - 
Service Investigations


So I guess the ends up in the smart host of the SMTP


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The SORBS-DUL list should never be used as a strict indicator of a
problem, and in fact many of us with weighting systems score that list
very low.

FYI, his IP only fails that test, no other, although Andrew should
request a valid PTR with the actual server name, but then again he knows
what he is do so...

John T
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