Is there any way to...

  • From: "Lockwood,Scott" <slockwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 11:40:56 -0600

Hi there.  We are wondering if anyone has a solution to a problem we're
having.  The basic situation is this:  We want all of the people in a group
to have the same reply-to address.  We want this to be automatic, but we
can't set this at the server for some reason.  Does anyone have an idea as
to how this could be done?  Note:  We're not wanting everyone to have the
same address, everyone has a different address - we just want all replies to
come back to a group that the user is a member of.  POP3 is not an option
for us, as we need several of the other features that the users get with
Exchange.  We are using Exchange 5.5 SP3.

Scott Lockwood
Network Administrator
Oxford Instruments
(847) 439 - 4404 x 272

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