RE: Is there a way to speed up document downloads with Outlook 2002

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 18:12:04 -0700

Actually it is VPN  - he doesn't like the OWA in Ex2K but he is connecting to
the VPN with a cellular network called EDGE - through AT&T - so I am not real
sure but we are limited to 1/2 of a T-1 for our bandwidth and I have been
wondering if that is the issue.  Ultimately the cellular connection is
wireless and I know it is not as fast as a cable connection but at least it
is internet so he has better chance of being able to get at what he needs -
it's the download that is so slow though.


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I assume you are using OUTLOOK WEB ACCESS and not some VPN solution... OWA is
not the fastest but it works well... However you will be limited to the speed
of your physical link... Hit the Boss for more bandwidth!!! Nows your
chance!!! However be careful not to over sell... The rate may be limited by
his cellular connection...  What is the current link rated at? how many
users/services are you running on it? We were running 500+ users (HTTP) on a
128K link as well as two mailservers OWA etc etc it made a great difference
when we went to a 2 MB link... now the limitation is the external links...
Physics is physics!!! Have a good day!



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Subject: Is there a way to speed up document downloads with Outlook 2002

My boss is trying to download over a cellular internet connection and it goes
so slow when he tries to save something in Outlook - but he connects to AOL
and it is downloaded in 3 minutes - is there something I should know about
the Exchange server that could help to speed up downloads or is this a case
of bandwidth - AOL can provide lots of speed and I am limited to what my
connection has.

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