RE: Invalid SMTP address characters

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  • Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:55:17 -0500

Hello all,



   I found the issue was with GFI Mail Security version 9.0 that was
deleting all e-mails with apostrophes in the SMTP address.  After 2
weeks with GFI's support people (unacceptable!) they finally provided a
simple patch to fix the issue.


   I truly hope that they post on their website that this is a known
issue with their product.







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Hi all


Message Labs definitely don't like that character I'm afraid. I had to
change it for someone at an old company. When they sent out to certain
external clients, if they were using Message Labs the message would be
rejected. As soon as I removed the character all was fine.




Paul Lemonidis. 

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        I would be interested in seeing the bounce.


        RFC-2822 says that character is OK. That doesn't mean all mail
systems along a path would.



        From: Chris Wall [mailto:Chris.Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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        Hello all,


           Running Exchange 2003 Pre SP1...


           I have several users that have (for years) had an apostrophe
in their primary SMTP address, and they have had no problems. An Example
would be Chris.D'Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Notice the ' in the example.


           All of a sudden, 5 days ago, all users with apostrophes in
their SMTP address have been unable to send external or receive external
e-mails.  To fix the issue I have had to set their primary SMTP address
to not include the Apostrophe.  Using the example above, the new primary
would be Chris.DWall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  


           This would allow mail to flow from and to the users.


            Now the weird part - if I leave the
Chris.D'Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx address as an alias - external senders
can now deliver mail to either address. 


        Any ideas on this one?





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