Introduction and 2 HowTo Articles to share

  • From: "Chris Willis" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 12:13:41 -0800


Just signed onto the list, and wanted to say HI to everyone.  I am the
Senior Engineer / Director of Ops for a Microsoft Gold Partner in the
LosAngeles, CA area.

I have written several how-to articles for the general IT community.  2
of them involve Exchange.  Figured I could post them for you guys to
browse & laugh at.

First article is a set of scripts to automate Exmerge:

Second article describes how to use a set of scripts I wrote to create a
linux spam filter, using SpamAssassin and Fedora (Redhat) Linux.
Basically, you can just install Linux using the GUI Installer, then run
my script(s) to configure the spam filtering portions.

I hope these may be helpful to people.  Have a good day everyone!

Chris Willis
Director of Technology & Services
Castellan Inc. - Microsoft GOLD Certified Partner
818-789-0088 x203

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