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Thanks for your response.  What I'm unsure of is I install it while the 5.5
connector is still up will the 2003 SMTP connector become the default
connector and take over?


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Use Internet mail Wizard for this purpose and the 5.5 IMC need not be




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Exchange 2003, sp2 running on a windows 2003 server running in mixed mode
with a Exchange 5.5 server running on a windows 2000 server.   Right now
just the internet connector is running on the Exchange 5.5 server.
Everything has been moved over to the 2003 server.

I want to install Internet mail connectivity on my Exchange 2003 server.  Is
there anyway I can do this while the IMC on the 5.5 server is still up an
active?  Or do I have to shutdown the IMC service, then install the SMTP
connector on the 2003 server?

The reason I want to leave the 5.5 server up is when have a fax connector
that will have to be moved over as well and I want to make sure that mail
flow is working internally/externally before I have the fax person install
the connector.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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