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Thanks for all the great info.  I have a few more questions RE your email.
Thanks so much for your help.  I am new to all of this and it is a little
Server Hardware
- Have you considered what type of hardware will be needed to run your mail
server? You will need a powerful pc to handle the work load. Memory and
processing power will be quickly consumed by mail and supporting services.

- Have you registered a Domain name already? YES, this has been taken care
- How is your mail traffic allocated? Internal to your office or
international - in and out of the country? Currently we have internal users
on an Exchange server for Internal mail.  They have Internet mail setup in
outlook and the client downloads the mail from our ISP.  This is what we
will be changing.  We will have a separate server for Internet mail and the
client will still do the downloading.
- Do your users need remote access to get their emails from outside your
office? If so will your server be running 24hrs a day?  We are not certain
on this yet.

Mail Server Software
-Exchange 2000, however, your user license may determine how many users can
be configured on the server. - I would like to use something other than
Exchange server because of the expense.  We also want to make sure that we
are secure.

- Will you be installing a firewall product to monitor and block
unauthorized access?   - Definitely!
- Have you considered scanning incoming and out going email for viruses? -
We will be installing software to take care of this.
- Who will be hosting your DNS services? I am guessing that this will be
forwarded to us from our current ISP.  I know that this takes some time.
- SMTP access policy. An improperly configured server may be a target for
mail relay. - Do you have any references for best practices etc???

Redundant Power Backup
- Do you have any UPS backup protection? - Definitely

Technical Support
- Who will be handling user administration once the server is deployed? -
That would be me.  We only have 125 users and do not plan on major growth.

Exchange 2000 is my best bet for Email Software.  However, for pop3
downloads you would need a pop3 connector, check
<>  for some free software.  - If my users are all
using Outlook they should be able to download mail no matter what server we
use correct?
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Something you think about before hosting your own mail server.

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