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Something you think about before hosting your own mail server.
Server Hardware
- Have you considered what type of hardware will be needed to run your
mail server? You will need a powerful pc to handle the work load. Memory
and processing power will be quickly consumed by mail and supporting
- Have you registered a Domain name already?
- How is your mail traffic allocated? Internal to your office or
international - in and out of the country?
- Do your users need remote access to get their emails from outside your
office? If so will your server be running 24hrs a day?
Mail Server Software
-Exchange 2000, however, your user license may determine how many users
can be configured on the server.
- Will you be installing a firewall product to monitor and block
unauthorized access?  
- Have you considered scanning incoming and out going email for viruses?
- Who will be hosting your DNS services? 
- SMTP access policy. An improperly configured server may be a target
for mail relay.
Redundant Power Backup
- Do you have any UPS backup protection?
Technical Support
- Who will be handling user administration once the server is deployed?
Exchange 2000 is my best bet for Email Software.  However, for pop3
downloads you would need a pop3 connector, check
<>  for some free software.
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I am looking for a solution to move internet email in-house instead of
having it hosted outside.  I would like to keep the mail separated from
my Exchange Server and have the clients go out and download the mail
from a separate server.  Does anyone have any suggestions for software
to run as an Internet Email Server?  Any suggestions would be greatly
Lorie Gordon 

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